Paperboard, wood, bamboo, fabric, felt, plastic, leather, rubber,
acrylic, or metal spray paint.

Upgraded connection to smartphone App via WIFI from Bluetooth.
Brand-new closed hidden design for the machine body. This includes an electric motor and circuit board.
Inner lines will be easier to maintain.
Increases the stroke switch (open the machine and automatically reset to detect the maximum engraving area of the product).
New design makes replacing the laser module faster and easier.

Using the WIFI connection provides more functions, as a computer with high speed and stable transmission through a wifi network won’t be limited by distance. You will also have two modes to setup the WIFI: 1) Wainlux K6 will create a WIFI hotspot network for you to connect to, 2) Wainlux K6 can be connected to your local network via WIFI and your devices can connect to Wainlux K6 as long as they are in the same network.

The Wainlux can engrave objects of any size so long as they are kept horizontally stable under the laser’s XY axis.But the engraving area is 8*8CM or 3.14*3.14 inch at the most, meaning you will have to move the wood as the engraving comes to the edge of the laser’s reach.

You can manually move the engraving position up, down, left, and right, to find the most convenient and accurate position to engrave onto. It can be used when determining the engraving position before engraving starts.

Yes,It can.Color up the surface to be engraved or paste it on color paper does not let the laser go pass the glass.

Wainlux K6 supports JPEG/ JPG/ PNG/ BMP.

Yes. We provide a 1 year limited warranty. Please send us at team@wainlux.com if you have any questions.