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Product Specification

Product Dimensions 22.64 x 8.86 x 7.28 inches
Item model number L6
Item Weight Β 11.73 pounds
Manufacturer WAINLUX
Country of Origin China

Product Details

● Saving Your Time From Installing - Are you still bothered by complicated installations of Laser engraver?Here is the WAINLUX L6 which only need 12-16 screws to finish installing.It 's super easy to install and use and make your engraving work more efficent.Wainlux L6 Laser engraving machine with a Unique sunken front frame design,so you can take engraving materials more easily.

● Powerful and High Speed - WAINLUX L6 laser engraver with dual laser head reach10W laser power.The maximum engraving speed is 12000 mm/min.L6 with dovetail lifting frame focusing column, which makes laser module focusing convenient and stable.It can cut 10mm wood/5 mm acrylic board in one pass with less burning marks.It also come with an air pump that has a large air flow with an air pressure of more than 75KPA.

● What Can WAINLUX L6 DO - The laser cutter machine adopts a 0.08mm*0.05mm ultra-fine compression spot, and 0.01mm high precision.Large 12.59"x13.77" engraving range. Using L6 laser engraver and cutter to make your creativity show more precisly.It is suitable for professional makers,artists, designers,DIY homemakes,handicrafts fans,model makers.

WAINLUX L6-10W (1)

● Why choose WAINLUX L6?

● Best product capability: WAINLUX L6 is a powerful 10W spot compression laser engraving machine, equipped with a powerful 75Kpa gas assist, it can engrave hundreds of common materials, providing you with the ultimate DIY experience.

● Details decide the quality: purchase the most advanced 0.05*0.08mm spot compressed, and the best laser protective cover to protect your eyes.

● Strong product manufacturing and research and development capabilities: WAINLUX is a modern enterprise integrating professional research and development, production and sales of micro laser equipment.

● Perfect after-sales service: 10 years of manufacturing and R&D experience enable us to have strong product iteration and software R&D capabilities, as well as perfect after-sales service, which is your assured choice.

● Advantageous values: WAINLUX was born for laser engraving machines, our goal is to continuously create value for customers and spare no effort.

WAINLUX L6-10W (2)

75Kpa Air assist

engraving is clearer and beautiful,cutting edge is cleaner, and the laser head life is longer.

WAINLUX L6-10W (3)

Powerful cutting ability

10W Compressed Spot laser easily cut 10mm acrylic and wood board,precision 0.01mm.

WAINLUX L6-10W (4)

Best engraving ability

To engrave on: All wood, bamboo, silicone, plastic, leather, anodized aluminum, matte and painted metals.

WAINLUX L6-10W (5)

Support offline engraving

Newly upgraded card slot and a start button make the operation easy,the large-capacity TF card supports offline engraving.

WAINLUX L6-10W (6)

Easily proofreader focus

Three steps to adjust the focal length within 3 seconds. Rotate the focusing column, slide the laser module, make the focusing column close to the surface of the material, and then retract focusing column.

WAINLUX L6-10W (7)

High security protect

Built-in sensor can sense the inclination angle of 15°±5°, and stop at the inclination angle of 15°±5° when engraving, which increases safety.

WAINLUX L6-10W (8)

12 screws for easy assembly

Assembly only needs 12 screws to complete, very simple and saves time

WAINLUX L6-10W (12)

Most suitable engraving area

The most suitable engraving area can be conveniently placed anywhere

WAINLUX L6-10W (13)

Package Lists

1*WAINLUX laser engraving machine, 1*air assist, 1*goggles, 1*disk TF card, 1*power adapter, 1*power cable, 1*USB data cable, 1*fixed focus block, 1*brush, 1*Paint markers, test materials, assembly tools and parts.

WAINLUX L6-10W (9)
WAINLUX L6-10W (10)


● Please do not look directly at the laser and touch it with your hands without wearing protective glasses.

● Please place the machine on a flat table to avoid affecting the engraving quality due to vibration.

● Please keep the machine away from flammable and explosive items, and place it in a ventilated place for use.


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