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[ Laser Safety Goggles Wavelength ]

200nm-2000nm, broad spectrum protection, block UV, Blue, Red and Infrared Laser Light.

[ Laser Goggles Eye Protection ]

Compatible with 405nm, 445nm,450nm, 635nm, 650nm laser light etc, for laser hair removal and laser beauty treatment.

[ Convenient and Adjustable ]

The length of IPL Safety Glasses' arms can be adjusted in 3 gears and don't worry about the IPL Laser Safety Glasses size if you are nearsightedness. There are two holes at the end of the arms for eyewear safety harness in case of falling when moving with intensity.

[ 240° Viewing Angle Protection ]

OD 4+; Visible light transmittance: 15%,Flank with additional lens for unique protection system, protect eyes from splashing all-round.

[ Easy to Clean and Durable ]

Water or a piece of napkin can be used to remove the dirt on eye Protection Glasses without lowering laser safety level. The polycarbonate material makes the goggles hard enough to be put in your pocket.

Laser protective glasses are suitable for people:Computer operators, drivers, gas welders, electric welders, high-temperature fur-nace operators, medical or industrial personnel when performing X-ray fluoroscopy;Suitable for uv laser, excimer laser, neodymium glass laser, semiconductor laser,CO laser, neodymium doped garnet laser, ruby laser, CO2 laser, arsenist laser andother laser protection.Absorptive laser protective glasses, the lenses are made of imported materi-als, and professional chemical absorbing molecular materials are added tothe lens coating, which can absorb light in different wavelength bands, so asto achieve our protection purpose.


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Safety Goggles

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Short Description:

1.Laser Safety Glasses, Eye Protection (Green), Wavelength Range 200nm-2000nm Laser safety goggles: Protects against wavelengths ranging from 200nm to 2000nm, compatible with lasers such as 405nm, 445nm, 450nm, 635nm, 650nm, providing broad-spectrum protection against ultraviolet, blue, red, and infrared lasers.

2.IPL Safety Glasses with 3-Stage Adjustable Temple Lengths IPL safety glasses with adjustable temple lengths, suitable even for those with nearsightedness. Made from polycarbonate material, these goggles are durable and can be conveniently carried in a pocket. They are designed for use in laser hair removal and laser beauty treatments, among other laser-related tasks.

Safety Goggles

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