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Product Specification

Product Dimensions 14.76 x 13.03 x 5.98 inches
Item model number Z4
Item Weight  3.89 pounds
Manufacturer WAINLUX
Country of Origin China

Product Details

● Your Carry On Art Studio -- WAINLUX Z4 Laser engraver is mini size and lightweight which would be a perfect choice for DIY makers.With innovative galvanometer technology,Z4 can quickly scan your image clearly.It is very easy to use and no need to install.(Note:For metal, Z4will only work on COATED METAL)

● Unique Magnetic Base -- WAINLUX Z4 Portable laser engraver and cutter features durable handle and a advanced magentic base.It makes your engraving easier,you can engrave large items or enjoy handheld engraving on some objects that cannot be laid flat.With the The manual height adjustment stand(Optional,sold separately),you can dealing with more objects of different heights.

● High Speed and Accuracy Engraving -- Z4 laser engraving machine with 5W laser power and 0.05mm ultra-long and finer infrared laser,the max engraving speed reach 600mm/s, bring you fast and precise engraving experience 


Highlight (WAINLUX Z4 Laser Engraver)

(1)Simulated Engraving: drive the high-speed vibrating mirror to scan out the graphics to be engraved, and locate the engraving area in real time, so that you can instantly understand the engraving position and effect, You see is what you get

(2)Handheld Design: lightweight and self-contained handle design, break the limitations of traditional desktop machines on the size and shape of engravings, with Z4, you can do your art creation anywhere at anytime

(3)Simple Use: plug&play, bypass complex fix focus or adjust focus step, 2 steps finish your DIY creation

(4)Faster&Finer: you can enjoy a finer&faster engraving experience with our Z4 machine, which is equipped with 36000mm/min engraving speed and a tiny compressed spot of 0.05mm, and the creative works more precise/coherent

(5)Offline Control: dual-mode 5.0 connection support almost mobile phone in the market, you can easily control the machine on your mobile device even with no computer onside(multi-language supported)

(6)Multi-mode: handheld/desktop/rotary, add corresponding accessories, easily switch between multiple application modes to meet most of the daily engraving needs

(7)Safety Protection: with blue light filter protection cover and goggles, double protection reduces blue light damage to the eyes. Z4 will auto-stop for vibration, tilting, and over-temperature.



455nm laser wavelengh


Quick Preview More Precise

adopts spot compression laser technology


Compact and Lightweight

0.68kg, easy-to-use and carry


Dual Exhaust Cooling Design

The use of exhaust fan and vent panel, effectively remove the dust and smoke generated during cutting, reduce the internal temperature, prolong the life of the machine.


Advanced Magnetic Base

Z4 series is equipped with an innovative magnetic base for accurate handheld engraving.Because you don't need to focus., it's perfect for hassle-free handheld engraving of large objects.


Packing list

WAINLUX Z4*1 Adapter*1

USB Cable*1 Brown paper*4

Sczn*1 Marker*1

Goggles*1 U disk*1



● Keep the machine away from flammable and explosive materials and heat sources. Place the machine in a ventilated, cool and dust free environment.

● Use only the original adapter cord supplied with the machine. Power must be connected to a three-hole socket wire earth wire to avoid damages to components or accidents such as fire or electric shock.

● Do NOT place the machine on unstable surfaces, the vibration of the machine will affect the engraving quality.

● Do NOT see or touch the laser directly without any protection.

● Do NOT wear gloves or bracelets when operating the machine, to avoid being caught by the moving parts which may cause crushing and cutting injuries.

● Children under 14 should NOT use this machine without assistance and guidance.


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