Shoot Short Videos
Show Your Craft Works

Get Cash Back

Win Big Prize

1st Prize:    Wainlux Z4
2nd Prize: Wainlux MD-22 Air Purifier
3rd Prize:  Laser Material Kit

To thank our new and existing customers for their support to Wainlux team and to celebrate the launch of Wainlux K10, we have prepared this campaign to give back to you.
As long as you are a customer who has purchased Wainlux K8 or K10, you can register to participate.

What You Should Do?

Post short videos on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram (anyone is ok) during the campaign period (2024, May 15th - July 15th) to show your engraving work!


What You Will Get?

You will get 1/30 of your purchase money back for each short video you post (only for K8/K10 machine cost), and 30 short videos posted during the campaign period(posted daily for 30 days) will get cash back for whole machine.

PS: Multiple short videos or multi-platform releases for same video within one day counted as one.
We will count settlement and arrange cashback within one week after the campaign end.


You will get extra big prize if any of your short video is among top 3 in the works of all the participants from 3 platforms.

1st Prize:    Wainlux Z4
2nd Prize: Wainlux MD-22 Air Purifier
3rd Prize:  Laser Material Kit

I Want To Participate

Requirements For Short Videos

(1)  K8/K10 machine and engraving work to be displayed
(2) Labeling the work material, software, parameter settings (speed, power)
(3) Hashtag should be added: #WainluxK8#WainluxK10#laserengraving#Wainluxlaser
(4) Actual videos are required, AI creations do not count.
(5) Short video length 15-30 seconds (flexible according to platform rules)
(6) Short videos posted for this campaign authorized to Wainlux brand for commercial use.

The Wainlux brand reserves the right of final interpretation.
The campaign is limited to 100 participants, click the button below to participate!